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FMX Team


FMX Team is an adrenaline-pumping motocross stunt game that will test your skills and push you to the edge. Unleash your inner daredevil as you perform jaw-dropping stunts, flips, and tricks on your powerful motocross bike. With vibrant graphics, intense gameplay, and a variety of challenging tracks, FMX Team will keep you hooked for hours of thrilling entertainment.

Game Controls

  • Use the up arrow key to accelerate.
  • Press the down arrow key to brake or reverse.
  • Tilt your bike forward or backward using the left and right arrow keys.
  • Perform stunts and tricks using the number keys 1 to 7.

How to Play

In FMX Team, your objective is to complete a series of challenging motocross stunt tracks while impressing the judges with your skill and style. Earn points by performing daring stunts and combinations while ensuring a smooth landing. The more points you accumulate, the higher your rank and reputation as a fearless motocross rider.

You can choose from a variety of riders, each with their own unique bike and abilities. Unlock new tracks and upgrades as you progress through the game, and conquer increasingly difficult levels to prove yourself as the ultimate FMX Team champion.

Tips and Tricks

  • Practice makes perfect: Take some time to familiarize yourself with the controls and get a feel for your bike’s physics. The more you practice, the better you’ll become at executing complex stunts and maintaining balance.
  • Timing is key: The key to success in FMX Team is timing your jumps and flips perfectly. Aim to land smoothly and avoid crashing, as it will cost you valuable points.
  • Experiment with combinations: Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations of stunts to maximize your points. String together flips, spins, and grabs to impress the judges and reach the top of the leaderboards.

Game Developer

FMX Team was developed by IriySoft, a renowned game development studio dedicated to creating exciting and immersive gaming experiences. With their expertise in creating addictive action games, IriySoft has delivered yet another thrilling motocross adventure with FMX Team.

Game Platforms

FMX Team is available to play on the following platforms:

  • Web browsers (PC and mobile)
  • iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android devices

How to Play Unblocked

If you’re looking to play FMX Team unblocked, you can visit our website to enjoy the full gaming experience without any restrictions. Our website ensures that you can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere, without worrying about access limitations.

Gear up, rev your engine, and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled motocross adventure with FMX Team. Strap on your helmet, grab hold of your handlebars, and prepare to defy gravity as you perform mind-blowing stunts in this thrilling motocross experience. Are you ready to become a legendary FMX Team rider? Let the excitement begin!